Johnson Reuben

Reuben F. Johnson is a thirty year veteran of analysing and reporting on foreign weapon systems, defence technology and the international politics of defence industry and arms exports. During this time he has worked several years in US defence sector as a foreign technology analyst, and later as a consultant for the US Department of Defense, the Navy and Air Force Departments, as well as for the UK and Australian governments. He currently writes regularly for several publications of Jane’s Information Group in London, Aviation International News, and The Weekly Standard and Cable News Network in the US, as well as for several other European and Asian publications and reports on developments in Europe, Asia and Latin America. He has reported from most of the world’s major aerospace and defence expositions, as well as from the 2004-2005 and 2013-12014 Ukrainian revolutions and has lived in the Former USSR and Eastern Europe for 26 years. He holds a BA from DePauw University and an MA from Miami University (Ohio) in the US, both with a specialisation in Soviet/Russian studies. He is based in Kiev, Ukraine.